Live Event Wedding Painting 

Tony is a fine artist, willing to tackle any subject. As a customer you can trust his extensive experience to choose an angle and composition that best reflects your special day. 

He produces a genuine and authentic work of art that recreates an atmosphere in a way that photographs and videos lack.


Tony Parsons Wedding artist

On The Day.

Tony brings his easel and brushes into the midst of your  event. He can observe quietly painting from the wings at the reception, the church or amongst the flow of guests outdoors on the terrace. He works Alla Prima (wet on wet) and can complete a 16x20" canvas in one sitting. Whilst painting guests often come to chat, they are delighted to be skilfully woven into the painting! Inquisative small children are thrilled to be handed a brush and asked to help contribute to the live wedding painting, often helping with the sky. 

What about likeness?

Tony's work is urgent and impressionist in style, the figures are small and often rendered in a few bravura gestural strokes however the poise, posture and positioning of the figures will leave you in no doubt who's who.